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Skyhigh Security

About Skyhigh WSGS

Skyhigh Web Security Gateway Service (WGCS) is a globally available, enterprise cloud service that provides comprehensive web protection through in-depth content scanning and integration with other Skyhigh Security web security technologies. The cloud service protects your organization from security threats that arise when users in your organization access the web.

The service:

  • Scans and filters web traffic between your users and the cloud
  • Blocks traffic that is not allowed by the policy you configure
  • Protects users working inside or outside your network, for example, users working in a coffee shop or hotel

Using this service, you can prevent sophisticated threats, implement your organization's Internet use policy, and promote productivity. For example, you can control access to file upload websites. Through hundreds of categories of web content, applications, and media types, you have fine-grained control over web use inside and outside the network.

Skyhigh CASB integrates with WGCS to enable customers to apply granular controls over unsanctioned applications. Users can define application control policies on the Skyhigh CASB dashboard and it gets enforced by WGCS via the integration between the two products. This integration requires some initial setup. For instructions, see Integrate Skyhigh CASB with Skyhigh Web Security Gateway Service. Once the setup is complete, you can create Cloud Applications Controls

For more information about the WGCS product, see Skyhigh Web Security Gateway Service documentation.

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