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Skyhigh Security

Include or Exclude a User from a Custom Anomaly Rule

Including or excluding a User is a powerful way to apply a custom anomaly rule to your deployment. For example, you could do this when you need to include or exclude a group of users who are working from a restricted location.

In custom anomaly, Exclude always takes precedence over Include. If you accidentally try to add a User to both Include and Exclude, you will see an error message asking you to choose one or the other.

To include or exclude a User from a custom anomaly rule:

  1. Sign in to Skyhigh CASB.
  2. Go to Incidents > Anomalies > Anomaly Settings.
  3. Click Actions > Create a Custom Anomaly or click the name of an existing custom anomaly rule to edit it.
  4. On the Name & Scope page:
    • Enter a Name for the rule, and an optional Description.
    • Select Service Instances to which the rule should apply.
  5. Under Users > Include All Users, click Edit and select from the list. 
  6. Click Done
  7. To exclude users, click Add Exclusions and select from the list. 
  8. Click Done
  9. Follow the wizard to enter selections for the Rules & Exceptions page, then Review and save your custom anomaly configuration. For details see, Create or Edit a Custom Anomaly
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