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Detokenize Reports

If you have tokenization for Shadow IT-enabled, the reports downloaded from Report Manager contains tokenized usernames and IP addresses. To detokenize these reports, you can do one of the following:

  1. Download the reports from Report Manager, and explicitly detokenize from the Skyhigh Cloud Connector user interface.
  2. Choose to receive reports via email, and enable CC-SMTP integration. Reports delivered through CC are detokenized if the recipient has detokenization permissions.

Detokenize reports from Cloud Connector

  1. Download the report from Report Manager in PDF, CSV, or XLSX format.
  2. Sign into the CC user interface using the IP address and Port established during installation.
  3. Navigate to Enterprise Integration > Tokenization. (Or on the Status page, under Enterprise Integration/Tokenization, click the Manage icon.)
  4. Under Detokenize File, click Choose File.
  5. Use the file browser to locate the downloaded file.
  6. Click Detokenize.


The detokenized report is downloaded locally.

IMPORTANT: A Cloud Connector user is always allowed to detokenize from the CC user interface, even if the deobfuscation permission is not enabled. The detokenizing process automatically communicates with all CC instances. 

IMPORTANT: There is a Known Issue where detokenizing PDF reports (generated via the new Report Manager) in Cloud Connector is not working. This will be fixed in an upcoming release. 

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