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About Cloud Connector Config Log Processing - Sub Configuration

Previously, when you installed Skyhigh Cloud Connector, you had to send a sample log file to Skyhigh CASB Support to create your Log Processor configuration, also called the Log Parser. 

In the Log Processing Sub Configuration, the Skyhigh Cloud Connector Log Parser Wizard allows you to create log parser configuration, without contacting Skyhigh Security Support. Now when you install Cloud Connector, a default Log Processor configuration is included. For Shadow IT, the Cloud Connector Log Processor analyzes the logs from your proxy or firewall device and extracts the relevant information required to populate the Skyhigh CASB Services and Users pages. 

The Log Parser Wizard provides four options:

  1. Upload Sample Log File. You can upload your own sample log files from your proxy or firewall device to create your Log Processor configuration. During this upload, your data never leaves your network. Skyhigh CASB place your data in a temporary S3 bucket for the duration of the browser session. Once you log out or that browser session ends, the data is automatically deleted. 
  2. Ingest Log from Syslog. You can use a log file from Syslog to create the Log Parser configuration. Select any file from the 10 most recent files. The file is truncated to the first 1000 lines to create the parser configuration.
  3. Import Existing Configuration. You can create a new Log Parser configuration from the existing Log Parser configuration. Just import the existing parser configuration to a text file, then upload that text file in this section.
  4. Manual Configuration. You can create a new Log Parser configuration manually. This option is available for advanced users with complex log formats, or for users with the Log Parser configuration provided by Skyhigh Security Support.
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