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Skyhigh Security

Skyhigh Cloud Connector Proxy Integration Overview and Architecture

Skyhigh CASB's Shadow IT solution provides a comprehensive Cloud Registry, including thousands of services uncategorized by firewalls and proxies. This guide provides instructions on how to select Services in Skyhigh CASB and send that list to the Skyhigh Cloud Connector so that their addresses can be associated with a custom category on your Broadcom, Skyhigh Security Web Gateway, or Palo Alto Networks device(s). With these custom categories in place, you can create an egress policy on your edge device that applies to those services. (For example, DENY, redirect to a corporate IT education page, etc.).


Skyhigh CASB identified cloud services are populated to existing proxy infrastructure as indicated in the diagram workflow using the following steps:

  1. After an administrator specifies which services should be associated with a custom category, Skyhigh CASB sends the listing of service URLs to Cloud Connector.
  2. Cloud Connector then publishes this list.
  3. The existing firewall/proxy retrieves the listing from Cloud Connector.  
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