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Skyhigh Security

About Custom Apps

Custom Apps brings more of your organization's stack into the Skyhigh Security fold. With Custom Apps, you can deploy DLP policies across all custom cloud applications, without writing new code. This is accomplished by mapping activities involving content uploads or updates using Custom Apps framework and deploying it to a production environment.

Mapped activities are also fed into the Skyhigh CASB Threat Protection engine, identifying anomalies and threats that arise from activities in apps just as they do in Sanctioned IT or Shadow IT CSPs. As with third-party apps, you will not need to make any structural changes to your internal apps to leverage Skyhigh CASB. Because of the way activities are mapped, tell Skyhigh CASB what to look for, then Skyhigh CASB builds user behavior analytics to identify issues.

External user behavior, whether authenticated or not (depending on your app), can also be monitored in Skyhigh CASB. Any IDM solutions currently in use for external users can be integrated with the Custom Apps workflow.


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