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Skyhigh Security

Proxy Configuration for WebSense (Legacy)

WebSense provides real-time content scanning and website classification to protect network computers from malicious web content. You can add URLs from Skyhigh Cloud Connector to categorize and filter the malicious activities via WebSense.

Skyhigh Cloud Connector supports WebSense v7.1 and higher. 

  1. In a web browser, enter the hostname or IP address of the Cloud Connector in the address bar: http://hostname_or_IP/custom.
  2. Domain URLs are listed on the page. Select the URLs and copy them. 
  3. Login to the WebSense Security Gateway administrative console.
  4. From the Common Tasks pane, select Recategorize URL.
  5. Under User Defined, create a category.
  6. Click Add URLs.
  7. Under add to, select User-defined.
  8. Paste the URLs from Cloud Connector that you want to be recategorized.
  9. Select a default filtering action, such as block, permit, etc.
  10. Click OK twice and select Save All.

Based on the filtering actions you selected, users will now be blocked or sent to a custom defined page via WebSense.

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