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Skyhigh Security

Choose an Application Category

When you set up a new app, or edit an existing app, you will choose an option for Application Category. This setting is used in other areas of Skyhigh CASB, like Threat Protection and Anomalies, to properly categorize activities generated by the app.

Application Categories are the same as the Service Categories. You can learn more about each option below.

Category Name Description Examples

Cloud Storage

Online storage, file sharing, or backup.

Box, Norton Online Backup, Google Drive


Conferencing, web mail, messaging or any other applications used for collaboration between employees and teams.

Gmail, Skype, ProofHQ

Content Sharing

Services for storing and sharing photos, videos, or images.

YouTube, Pinterest, SoundCloud

Business Intelligence

Business insights, analytics, or intelligence solutions.

Teradata, A9, Netvibes


Environment to develop enterprise applications or build integration.

WordPress, GitHub, SourceForge


Platform or solutions that helps retailers sell goods on the internet.

Ariba, MetaPack, Bigcommerce


Enterprise level learning management system, interactive tutorials, or platform for educational content.

Edmodo, RioLearn, GlobalEnglish


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), enterprise resource management, or business process management solution.

Oracle ERP, Fieldglass, NetSuite ERP


Financial, payroll, payment, invoicing, or accounting solutions.

Paypal, Mint, Concur


Employment management, hiring, screening, or benefits administration.

ADP, Wageworks, ClickTime

IT Services

IT support and application services.

ServiceNow, NewRelic, AppDynamics


Legal insurance, document management, electronic signatory, or shared practice management solutions.

Adobe EchoSign, LegalZoom, DocuSign


Supply chain, transport management, and logistics solution.

FedEx, Pitney Bowes, UPS


Marketing solutions, marketing research, campaign management, and brand development.

Optimizely, AdRoll, SiteScout


Vendor management, procurement tool, or supplier quality management.

Capgemini IBX Procurement, Ariba
Procurement, Bizbuysell


Streaming video, audio, music, or gaming solutions.

LiveStream, Pandora, Netflix


Enterprise networking service or networking management solutions.

BitGravity, CloudFlare, Boingo


Customer relationship management (CRM) or business contact data services., NetSuite, Clicktools

Social media

Social networking, blogging, or services that drive engagement through social media.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Service Desk and Support

Facility management, field service management, and service delivery solutions.

InContact, ZenDesk


Other cloud services that cannot be categorized with the list in this document.


Project Management

Online project, program, or requirements management solutions, or software suites for
managers and business owners.

Daptiv, Trello, YouTrack-JetBrains

Cloud Infrastructure

Dedicated hosting infrastructure, web and application hosting, or managed servers.

Amazon Web Services, Nubifer, CA


Identity and access management, information security, or fraud prevention solutions.

Broadcom, Voltage SecureMail, OpenDNS


Tools for web analytics and tracking, site metrics, monitoring, comparisons, or benchmarking.

AddThis, Chartbeat, Google Analytics

Web Application API

APIs for building and integrating services, creating graphs, forms, or surveys.

Google APIs, Disqus, Typekit

Service Proxy

URL redirection, shortening, or forwarding services.

Bitly, TinyURL

Health Care

Health benefit, medical management, or health care risk management solutions.

ASCO, NextGen, Simplee

IaaS Services

Automatically added domains hosted on specific cloud infrastructure providers.


Botnets and Malware

Domains identified as hosting malware or are botnet affected. These services are utomatically added.


Backup and Archiving

Services specifically providing backup solutions.


Virtual Data Rooms

Offers storage capability for due diligence and financial transactions.

Imprima iRooms, Sterling Data Rooms


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