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Detokenize User Names for Sanctioned IT

If user names are tokenized for the Sanctioned IT workflow, the Skyhigh CASB dashboard displays tokenized values during an investigation. To detokenize user names, export the data from the Policy Incidents page. Currently, this CSV file is tab-delimited. For detokenization in the Skyhigh Cloud Connector user interface, this file needs to be comma-delimited. This is a known issue. 

To detokenize all users in the Cloud Connector user interface, use this workaround: open the CSV file in Excel and save it as a comma-delimited file.

Then, in the Cloud Connector user interface, to detokenize the comma-delimited CSV file, go to Enterprise Integration > Tokenization. For details, see Detokenizing Reports

This issue will be fixed in a future Cloud Connector release, which will provide tab-delimited files for detokenization. 

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