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Skyhigh Security

Configure Ionic DRM

Ionic DRM Dashboard Configuration

In order to establish an integration with Ionic DRM, you must first fully configure your Ionic DRM deployment, including registering all users for the Ionic Viewer. There is no special configuration that must occur on the Ionic DRM side in order to connect to the Skyhigh CASB system. For more information on configuring Ionic DRM, please consult their online help.

Required Information from Ionic DRM

Before configuring Ionic DRM, you will need the following information from your Ionic dashboard:

  • Tenant ID: Located as part of your Ionic Dashboard URL.
  • Enrollment Server: On the Ionic Dashboard, navigate to Settings > General.
    • The dashboard calls this your Enrollment Manager URL. You will only need the highlighted part of the URL.

Ionic DRM_Enrollment URL.png

  • Key Space: On the Ionic Dashboard, navigate to Keyspaces.
    • Your Keyspace will be listed at the top left of the screen.

Ionic DRM_Keyspace.png

Skyhigh CASB Secure DRM Configuration

To configure the integration between the Skyhigh CASB and your Ionic DRM deployment:

  1. Go to Secure > DRM Configuration.
  2. Enter the information from the section Required Information from Ionic DRM.
  3. Enter Skyhigh CASB for SSO Domain.
  4. Click Save Configuration.

Ionic DRM_Edit DRM Configuration.png

Edit Configurations

If you need to make a change to your configuration, click Edit Configuration from the DRM Configuration page.

Ionic DRM_View DRM Configuration.png

Device Management Configuration

In order to use Ionic DRM in conjunction with Skyhigh CASB Secure, users must register their devices as approved for DRM. This requires a custom device registration portal. Please follow the below steps to configure your Device Management settings:

  1. Go to Policies > Policies > Cloud Access and select Create Policy.
  2. Give the rule a descriptive name and set the following rule and response.
    1. Rule: Service
      1. Enter the name of the services you wish to protect with Ionic DRM.
    2. Response: Register DRM (Passthrough).
  3. Click Save.

Any unregistered device that attempts to connect to one of your protected services through the Skyhigh CASB Secure Proxy will be redirected to your custom portal to register for Ionic DRM.

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