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Configuring Tokenization for Sanctioned IT on Existing Deployments

Tokenization for Sanctioned IT only needs to be configured once to tokenize secure data from all of your Sanctioned CSPs. For example, if you are currently tokenizing secure information from Box and you add the Skyhigh CASB for Salesforce product, you do not need to initialize Tokenization for Sanctioned IT a second time.

If you currently tokenize your Shadow IT data, you can use your existing Salt to tokenize Secure data. Just contact Skyhigh CASB Support to activate Tokenization for Sanctioned IT.

If your organization is not using Shadow IT Tokenization, use the Skyhigh Cloud Connector Installer Wizard to add the Salt.

To initialize Tokenization for Sanctioned IT:

  1. Open the executable file corresponding to your Windows OS to install the application.
  2. In the Welcome to the Cloud Connector Setup Wizard screen, click Next.
  3. Select Update Setup to add the Salt to your existing Cloud Connector deployment instead of installing a new version of Cloud Connector.
  4. When installing Cloud Connector, enter your unique tokenization Salt when prompted to enter your Skyhigh CASB credentials.
  5. Restart the Cloud Connector.
  6. Contact Skyhigh Security Support to activate Tokenization.
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