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Detokenize a Report

On the Report Manager page, you can either detokenize a tokenized report, or directly download a tokenized report. However, you must have the detokenization privilege.

Detokenization is supported only for CSV and XLSX files. If you download a PDF file from the Schedules or History tab, the Detokenize Report button is not visible.

The maximum file size supported for detokenization is 10MB.

Detokenize a Tokenized File

To detokenize a tokenized file, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Reports > Report Manger > Scheduled Reports and click Detokenize Report.
  2. Click Browse and select an existing tokenized report.
  3. Click Detokenize.
    Dotokenized Report.png

Download a Detokenized Report

To download a detokenized file, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Reports > Scheduled Reports or History tab.
  2. Select a Report.
  3. Click the Download Last Generated icon.
  4. Select Detokenized Report.

Known Issues

  • If detokenization fails for some reason (because the file is too large, or if Cloud Connector is down, or any other connectivity issues), the following error is displayed:
  • If remote detokenization is not enabled, it can lead to the file being partially detokenization. The following warning message is displayed:


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