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Skyhigh Security

About Ionic DRM

By integrating with Ionic’s DRM system, Skyhigh CASB Secure can apply DRM policies to files generated inside your proxy-integrated cloud services, providing protection to the files leaving your cloud services in concert with Skyhigh CASB Secure’s protection for files entering your cloud services.

Use Cases 

Skyhigh CASB/Ionic DRM Integration covers two key use cases:

  1. Files downloaded from your Skyhigh CASB Sanctioned cloud services can be detected and protected by Ionic DRM
  2. Files uploaded to the your Skyhigh CASB Sanctioned cloud services can have Ionic protection applied as part DLP policy

Supported Services 

Ionic DRM integration is currently supported for the following products for proxy-based integrations:

  • Skyhigh CASB for Salesforce
  • Skyhigh CASB for Microsoft O365 and OneDrive
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