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Skyhigh Security

Check the Status of Cloud Connector

The Status and Configuration page provides the current connection status between the Skyhigh Cloud Connector and Skyhigh CASB. It also provides the status for Log Processing and Enterprise Integration.

To access the status page:

  1. Open a web browser and enter the IP address you set during installation into the address bar.
  2. Log in using an email address and password with Skyhigh Cloud Connector privileges. This might not be the user name that you use to access Skyhigh CASB.
  3. Go to Status & Configuration.

The following information is displayed. 

Status Description Information
Cloud Connector Details Displays a green dot when Cloud Connector is running, and a red dot when Cloud Connector is inactive.
  • Enterprise Connector Symbolic Name: The descriptive name of the Enterprise Connector you are currently connected to. This is especially useful for deployments running multiple Enterprise Connectors.
  • Current Port: The port that Enterprise Connector is communicating through. You might need to configure your egress device to allow traffic through this port.
  • Version: The version of Enterprise Connector you are running. For best performance, make sure that you are running the most recent version of Enterprise Connector.
  • Uptime: The amount of time that Enterprise Connector has been online without interruption. This can be used to troubleshoot log processing issues; you can use the uptime count to determine if your instance of EC was offline during a time of abnormal log processing.
  • Errors: Displays any pertinent error messages. 
System Usage Shows the system load of Cloud Connector, which can be used to troubleshoot issues with Cloud Connector. If the system is using an unusual amount of system resources, it can indicate an issue.
  • CPU Load: The amount of processor resources that Enterprise Connector is using. If your system is running slowly and Enterprise Connector is using a large percentage of CPU resources, you might need to restart Enterprise Connector.
  • Memory: The amount of the host server or virtual system's memory used by Enterprise Connector. This value compares the amount Enterprise Connector is using to the amount of available memory. If Enterprise Connector is sluggish and using a large percentage of the system's memory, close any other programs running on the host server or virtual system.
  • Disk: The amount of storage on the host server or virtual system used by Enterprise Connector, including any logs in process. If the disk space is completely used, Enterprise Connector will not function properly. Closely monitoring the disk space used and rotating the logs can prevent any backlog issues.
Cloud Connection Displays a green dot when Cloud Connector is successfully connected Skyhigh CASB, and a red dot when the cloud connection is not active.
  • Status: Confirms if Enterprise Connector has an active Skyhigh CASB connection.
  • Configuration: Displays the current configuration controlling the behavior of Enterprise Connector for log sources, log processing and more. (Contact Skyhigh Security Support to set up your configuration.) 
  • Configuration Mode: Displays the current configuration mode.
  • Production: Logs are processing and Enterprise Connector is functioning.
  • Quality Check: Any log processing is placed in a locally saved file. This is useful to make sure that Log Processing is working as expected before moving to Production mode. 
  • Last Updated: Enterprise Connector checks the Skyhigh CASB Cloud for configuration updates every five minutes. The Last Updated timestamp reflects the last time the configuration received an update.
Log Processing Displays a green dot when the Log Processor is actively ingesting logs from your egress device and a red dot when Log Processor is not functioning.
  • Add Checkpoint Firewall: Links directly to the Enterprise Connector interface for adding a Checkpoint firewall so that you can have a Checkpoint egress device send logs for processing.
  • Setup Syslog Server: Links directly to the Enterprise Connector interface for configuring a syslog server so that you can ingest logs from an egress device that pushes logs using syslog.
  • Log Source: The current path that Enterprise Connector uses to locate logs for processing. If logs are not being ingested as expected, confirm that the log source is correct. 
  • Processing Queue: This line displays the next log file that will be processed. You can use this line to determine if Log Processor is picking up the files you need it to and to track progress as Log Processor works through a backlog. If Log Processor has no more files to process, the text "No new files found for processing" displays instead.
Enterprise Integration  
  • Custom Attributes: Confirms if custom attributes are correctly configured with a green checkmark and displays instructions to configure Custom Attributes.
  • Username Mapping: Confirms if usernames are correctly mapped to IP addresses with a green checkmark. There is a link to access the username mapping interface within Enterprise Connector.
  • SIEM Integration: Confirms if Enterprise Connector is successfully connected to a third-party SIEM program with a green checkmark.
  • Tokenization: Confirms if data appears in the Skyhigh CASB Cloud Access Security Broker protected with tokenized with a green checkmark. There is a link to access the detokenization interface to convert protected data into plain text.



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