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Skyhigh Security

Report - Services by Denied Percentage

This report breaks down service usage by the percentage of activity that is Allowed/Denied by your egress device. The services are sorted by Denied percentage. Services that are only partially denied may warrant further investigation depending on your company’s policies. This report can also be used to identify low-risk sites that are inappropriately blocked warranting a change in your egress policies.

To create the Services by Denied Percentage report:

  1. On the Services page, click Actions > Edit Table to add the Allowed | Denied Requests column.
  2. Click the Allowed | Denied Requests column to sort by descending order.
  3. Click the Chart icon. Create a chart to be displayed in your report. For example, Show Percentage of requests denied, by Service Name in a Horizontal Bar.  
  4. Click Edit to view Dimension By dialog where you can select Top 10 Service Names or Custom Service Names. 
  5. Click Actions > Create Report
    The report is emailed to you in the format that you chose: Business Report (PDF), CSV, or XLS. The sample report below shows the Business Report (PDF) format.




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