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About the Audit Log

The Audit Log, located at Settings > Audit Log, provides a list of all events performed by registered application users. Drill down to perform detailed Audit Log analysis using the extensive filter and search tools. Then export your findings to a CSV file for accurate reporting.  

You can also export the Audit Log to a third-party SIEM system using a Syslog export via Enterprise Connector. For details, see Export Anomalies, Threats, and the Audit Log to a SIEM.

The Audit Log page allows you to search and filter in the following ways:

  • Date Picker. Use the Date Picker to select a preset or custom date range in order to display data from only this date range.
  • All Users. Filter for users using the drop-down menu. 
  • All Event Categories. Filter for event categories using the drop-down menu. 
  • All Events. Filter for a specific event using the drop-down menu.  
  • Search Field. Search by keyword in Additional Information or by IP Address. 
  • Actions:
    • Create Report
      • Download CSV. Export a CSV file of the data displayed in the Audit Log.  
    • Settings
      • Edit Table Columns. Edit the columns displayed in the Audit Log table. 
  • Available Table Columns:
    • User. The username. 
    • Event Category. 
    • Name. The object name, which is different for each Event Category. 
    • Event. The type of event the user performed, detailed in Audit Log Event Type.  
    • Additional Information. Any additional information available for the user. 
    • Timestamp. The timestamp when the event occurred. 
    • IP Address. The user's IP address. 
    • Description. Description of the event. 
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