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About Custom Attributes

Skyhigh CASB and Skyhigh Cloud Connector can display valuable information from your log files to help identify and monitor unusual behavior. However, sometimes you need additional information from outside your log files. By cross-referencing your user information against fields in your Active Directory server or from a CSV formatted file, Skyhigh CASB can display this information as Custom Attributes. These Custom Attributes will then be displayed in the Filters tab, and you can use them to search and filter your data. 

In order to utilize custom attributes, the option must be enabled for your deployment. Contact Skyhigh Security Support to request Custom Attribute support for your deployment, or for assistance in using Custom Attributes to display unsupported data already in your log files.

IMPORTANT: Custom Attributes with over 2,000 values should not be used.  

NOTE: Custom attributes characters in Skyhigh CASB can be a maximum of 500 characters.

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