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Skyhigh Security

Domain Management

When deploying a Custom App, you will likely have several domains to manage for that app. On the Domain Management page, you'll see a list of all domains associated with an app. You can filter domains, add, or delete domains as well.


To access the Domain Management page:

  1. Go to Custom Apps > My Apps.
  2. Click the name of an app.
  3. Click Domain Management.

Filter Domains

If an app has a number of domains, or if you'd like to see which environment certain domains are set up to use, you can filter the list.

To filter domains:

  1. Click the Filter list.

  2. Choose an option to filter the domains:
  • No Filter. Displays all available domains.
  • Not Deployed. Displays a list of all domains that have not been deployed. This could be useful if you have added domains, but you're not sure if you've redeployed the app.
  • Both Environments. Displays domains that are in both Production and Stage.
  • Production. Shows domains deployed only in Production.
  • Stage. Shows domains deployed only in Stage.

Delete a Domain

If you don't need a domain associated with an app, you can delete the domain. Deleting a domain from one app does not delete it from any other apps.

To delete a domain:

  1. Click Delete in the right-most column of a domain.
  2. Click Delete to confirm the deletion.


Add a Domain

You can add a domain to an app that's already been deployed, but you'll need to redeploy the app to begin using the additional domain.

To add a domain:

  1. Click Add Domain Name.

  2. Enter the Domain Name. Click Add.

  3. Now redeploy the app. Click the Deployment tab.
  4. Deploy the app to Stage and/or Prod.
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