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Skyhigh Security

Cloud Connector Config Registry

Settings related to the Skyhigh Security Cloud Connector Registry.

IMPORTANT: You must have the Skyhigh Cloud Connector user role to configure Cloud Connector. For details, see About User Roles and Access Levels


Field Description
IaaS Services CSP IDs Enter the IaaS service CSP IDs separated by commas. 

Advanced Settings

Click Show Advanced Settings to display. 

Field Description
Attempts for registry refresh Enter the number of retries to read the registry. 
Cloud Registry Loader Backup Timeout Enter the maximum timeout to use backup local Registry entries if there is failure to get the Cloud Registry list from Skyhigh CASB.
Registry Refresh Retry Interval Use this interval in milliseconds to try local Registry copy refresh on failure.
Read Timeout for Registry Enter the timeout (in milliseconds) that Cloud Connector can read the Cloud Registry for the list of services.
Connection Time to Read Registry Enter the timeout (in milliseconds) that Cloud Connector can connect to Skyhigh CASB to read the Cloud Registry. 
Service Registry URL Enter the URL of the REST service endpoint to load the registry from. For example,
Service Registry File Path Enter the path to the location of the Service Registry file. 
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