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Skyhigh Security

About CASB Connect for Cisco WebEx Teams

Skyhigh CASB for Cisco WebEx Teams (formerly Cisco Spark) is a comprehensive security and compliance integration for Cisco WebEx Teams that complements its native capabilities to allow IT teams to protect data by monitoring spaces, applying data loss prevention (DLP) policies, and taking remediation actions.

Cisco WebEx Teams can be integrated via API using the Settings > Service Management page.

DLP for Cisco WebEx Teams

DLP support for Cisco WebEx Teams consist of the following response actions:

  • Delete. Deletes the message containing sensitive data. The entire message is deleted when sensitive data is found within the text message, or in one of the files attached to the message. After deleting the content, the end user who uploads the document is notified through a bot (registered by Skyhigh CASB) about the DLP incident.
  • User Bot Notification. Instead of deleting the content, this response action in DLP policies can be used to notify the end users through bot so that they can take manual action on it, as shown below. 
  • Send Bot Notification. This response action can be used to notify specific admins/users within Cisco WebEx Teams about the DLP incident. For example:

    Bot and User Notification.png
Known Limitations

The following is a known limitation for Cisco WebEx Service:

  • DLP is not supported for Cisco WebEx Meeting Chat content
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