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About Skyhigh CASB for Slack Non-Enterprise (Limited Availability)

Limited Availability: Slack Non-Enterprise API Integration via Custom OAuth app is a Limited Availability feature. To enable API access for your Slack Non-Enterprise (Pro or Business+) instance via a Custom OAuth app, contact Skyhigh Support

Skyhigh CASB's API integration for Slack Non-Enterprise (Pro or Business+) instances allows Security Operations Center (SOC) admins to monitor user activities in Slack, content uploaded to Slack, and apply DLP policies. Skyhigh CASB supports Slack's granular bot permissions framework, which allows admins to define specific permissions and access controls for bots within their Slack workspace. Security admins can track user activities within a particular Slack team, as well as multiple Slack channels across the organization. This allows security admins to maintain security standards and ensure compliance with their organization's policies. 

Skyhigh CASB provides API integration for Slack Non-Enterprise instances based on the following Slack licenses:

  • Pro
  • Business+

Slack Non-Enterprise (Pro or Business+) plans are ideal for small organizations that might only have one team. Skyhigh CASB also provides API integration for the Slack Enterprise Grid, which is suitable for large organizations. For details on Skyhigh CASB for Slack Enterprise, see Skyhigh CASB for Slack Enterprise.

NOTE: All threat protection and activity monitoring features found in the Skyhigh CASB Dashboard are supported using the API configuration, except for anomalies and threats based on geo-location. This is because Skyhigh CASB does not collect the source IP information.

Skyhigh CASB allows connecting to Slack APIs through a Custom OAuth application in Slack. The Custom OAuth app acts as a bridge between Skyhigh CASB and the Slack API. You can enable API access for new or existing Slack Non-Enterprise (Pro or Business+) instances via a Custom OAuth app in Slack, which allows you to grant granular bot permissions to Skyhigh CASB. For details on how to integrate Skyhigh CASB with Slack Non-Enterprise, see Integrate Skyhigh CASB with Slack Non-Enterprise.

Supported DLP Policy Rules & Response Actions

Skyhigh CASB's API Integration for Slack Non-Enterprise instances supports the following DLP Policy rules and response actions in Slack. You can create a DLP policy with the following policy rules and response actions to detect sensitive content and provide remediation actions for files and messages posted in Slack. For details on how to create a DLP Policy see, Create a Sanctioned DLP Policy.

Supported DLP Policy Rules and Response Actions in Slack
DLP Policy Rules Supported
  • Data Identifier
  • File Name
  • File Path/Folder ID
  • File Size
  • File Type
  • Keywords
  • Regular Expression
Collaboration No
DLP Policy Response Actions Supported
  • Quarantine
  • Delete
  • Send Bot Notification
  • User Bot Notification
  • User Email Notification
  • Send Email Notification to

Supported Security Controls in Slack

Skyhigh CASB DLP protection supports the following remediation actions based on Slack Channels:

Supported Remediation Actions and Channel Types in Slack
Remediation Actions Channel Types Supported

Delete Files

Slack Public/Private Channels and DMs (Direct Messages) Yes
Slack Shared Channels No

Delete Messages

Slack Public/Private/Shared Channels Yes
Slack DMs (Direct Messages) No

Quarantine Files

Slack Public/Private Channels and DMs (Direct Messages) Yes
Slack Shared Channels No
Quarantine Messages Slack Public/Private/Shared Channels and DMs (Direct Messages) No

Privacy Policy

For information on Skyhigh Security's policy, see Privacy Policy.

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