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Skyhigh Security

Export Users and Roles to a CSV File

On the Settings > User Management > Users page, an administrator can export a CSV file of users and roles. Then simply download the file and view it in Excel, for example. You can also use this CSV file to feed into your identity management system. 

The CSV file includes the following user information as column headings of the exported CSV file:

  • Active. Is the user's account status active? Listed as Yes or No. 
  • Admin. Is the user an admin. Listed as Yes or No. 
  • Access. Displays the user's access level, Manage or Read Only. 
  • First Name. The user's first name. 
  • Last Name. The user's last name. 
  • Email. The email address associated with the user's account. 
  • Role(s). A list of the user's current roles, access privileges, and resources. 
  • Last Login. The date and time that the user last logged in to the system. 
  • Creation Date. The date when the user account was created. 
  • Shadow Jurisdiction. Displays any Shadow Jurisdictions associated with this user's account. 
  • Sanctioned Jurisdiction. Displays any Sanctioned Jurisdictions associated with this user's account. 
  • Web Jurisdiction. Displays any Web Jurisdictions associated with this user's account. 

Export Users and Roles

You must be an administrator to perform this function. 

  1. Go to Settings > User Management > Users.  
  2. Select Actions > Export CSV.
  3. The CSV file is automatically downloaded to your computer. 
  4. Open it in a spreadsheet application such as Excel. 

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