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Skyhigh Security

Read Only Users

If you want to give a user permission to log in and view the Skyhigh CASB dashboard, but not make any changes, you can give them Read Only access.

To create a Read Only user, see Create a New User

The following table includes details about specific actions denied to a Read Only user:

Role/Feature Action Denied
Compliance Manager
  • Cannot Create, Edit, Delete, and Save Service Groups. 
  • Cannot Create Custom Service Attributes. 
  • Cannot Override a Risk Score. 
  • Cannot Edit or Save Global Risk Weights. 
Access Control Cannot Save, Disable, or Delete a policy. 
Device Management Cannot make any changes or Save on all tabs. 
DLP Policies Cannot Save, Make Active, or Delete a policy. 
IP Allow List Cannot Create, Edit, Save, or Delete an IP Allow List. 
Policy Dictionaries Cannot Save or Delete a Policy Dictionary. 
On-Demand Scans Cannot Create, Edit, Save, or Delete an On-Demand Scan. 
Policy Settings Cannot Save changes. 


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