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Skyhigh Security

Workday Known Issues

The following are considered known issues. These issues are not considered bugs, meaning that Skyhigh CASB does not plan changes functionality to resolve them.

Workday API Limitation

Workday APIs return a maximum of 100 records in one API call. As almost every user action in Workday is logged as an activity in Workday audit logs, it can many API calls to keep event processing current. Because of this limitation of the Workday API, near real-time DLP is not always possible.

When there is a backlog of pending events, each API call to retrieve audit records takes more time. An API call can take 6–7 seconds when there is a backlog of events to be polled from Workday. To further complicate this issue, the delay causes time stamps we are polling for are a few minutes old, which impacts our ability to catch up with the event backlog.

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