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Skyhigh Security

SuccessFactors via Reverse Proxy

With BYOD (Bring your own device) being prominent in most enterprises today, customers need the ability to identify manage versus personal devices and restrict access from personal devices or monitor unmanaged devices. Using either certificate or agent-based device identification, Skyhigh CASB can provide a cloud access policy to control services, users can access from personal devices or unmanaged devices.

From SuccessFactors, if you attempt to upload or download a file or folder via a reverse proxy, then your actions are blocked. Reverse Proxy is supported only for the below criteria:

  • If you have managed the device, then you are granted access to sensitive information and your actions are allowed.
  • If you have unmanaged devices, then you are restricted to access sensitive information from personal (BYOD) devices. The unmanaged devices are blocked and enforce access control policies.

SuccessFactors DLP Collaboration

It is important from a regulatory perspective to maintain control of what information can be stored in cloud service. Organizations must take care to prevent sensitive Personal identification information (PII) and IP from leaking from the company.

SuccessFactors activities such as upload, download files and folder passes through the reverse proxy.  The DLP collaboration is applied to these activities to monitor and control the content that is being stored in a cloud service and prevents regulated/high-value data from being stored in the cloud. Also, the DLP attachments are monitored and controlled in the SuccessFactors.

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