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Skyhigh Security

About Configuring the Salesforce Proxy

Planning and deploying Salesforce via an on-premises proxy requires the following steps:


  • Virtual Appliance. Two virtual appliances are recommended, with the following requirements:
    • 12 virtual CPU, 2.93 GHz
    • 8 GB vRAM (16 GB recommended)
    • 60 GB vHard disk
    • One network data interface
    • One management interface (optional)
  • Public IP address. This allows Skyhigh CASB to monitor inbound traffic. See Deployment and Network Requirements for in-depth information about routing traffic to IP addresses.
  • Key Server. KMIP complaint (KMIP 1.0, 1.1) protocol.
  • Preconfigured Forward Proxy. Unauthenticated to allow Skyhigh CASB requests to reach to Salesforce. 
    • Salesforce email alias needs to be available for configuration.
  • SMTP mail exchange. Configured to relay emails from Skyhigh CASB SMTP server.
    • Outgoing mail server details need to be available.
    • Identity provider certificates (preconfigured) need to be available.
    • Salesforce Self-Signed Certificate needs to be available.
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