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Skyhigh Security

Revoke Collaboration for External Users in Office 365 Groups

Skyhigh CASB supports the bulk remediation for Office 365 groups such as OneDrive and SharePoint. These Office 365 groups can revoke collaboration for external users.

To revoke collaboration for external users:

  1. Go to Incidents > Policy Incidents.
  2. In the Filters tab, select the Service Name as OneDrive / SharePoint, or both. 
  3. Select the required policy incidents from the table and go to Actions > Select Response
  4. In the Select Response dialog, configure the response:
    • Response. Select Revoke Collaboration.
    • Status. Select the required status.  
    • Email Template. Select the required email template. 
    • Revoke Collaboration for. Click External Collaborators Only.
  5. Click Submit and the response is validated for the selected policy incidents.
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