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Skyhigh Security

Google Drive API Prerequisites

To integrate with Google Drive, make sure the following prerequisites are in place. 

  • Enterprise or Business G Suite license.
  • Super Admin account in your organization's G Suite. Super Admins have administrator permissions and access to the Admin console and corresponding actions in the Admin API. This is required to integrate Google Drive with Skyhigh CASB via API.
  • Data Access permissions. Data Access permissions provide access to specific data. Go to Apps > Google Workplace > Drive and Docs > Features and Applications in Admin Console. 
  • Feature and Applications. This page manages which features and applications are available to users in your organization. Scroll down to Drive SDK and click Edit. Make sure to enable the below checkbox:
    • Drive SDK. Permissions that allow users to access Google Drive with the Drive SDK API. Learn more here.
  • G Suite Audit access. Use the G Suite Admin Console to pre-configure your account for Audit access. Learn more here.

Authorize Skyhigh CASB

To grant Skyhigh CASB access to your Google Drive account, perform the following method. 

Authorize Manually

  1. In the G Suite admin console, go to Security > Access and data control > API controls.
  2. Scroll down and go to Domain wide delegation. Click MANAGE DOMAIN WIDE DELEGATION.
  3. Click Add New. On the Add a new client ID screen, configure these:
  • Client ID. Add the following Client ID based on your environment:
  1. For the Skyhigh CASB production environment at
  1. For the Skyhigh CASB EU/Germany/Frankfurt environment at
  1. For the Skyhigh CASB Canada environment at
  1. For the Skyhigh CASB GovCloud / FEDRAMP environment:
Please contact {{corp}} Technical Support or your assigned deployment engineer
  • OAuth scopes (comma-delimited). Copy and paste the following 10 API scopes:,,,,,,,,,
  1. Click AUTHORIZE.

Once Skyhigh CASB is configured with Google Drive account, you can view the below screen:


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