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About Passive Email DLP for Gmail

Skyhigh CASB's email passive mode Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution is designed to scan email as it is sent by a user. When a Gmail user sends an email, G Suite uses the third-party email archiving feature to send a copy of the email to Skyhigh CASB for analysis. A copy of the email is sent in parallel to the original email. This means that Skyhigh CASB receives a copy of the email with no impact of the delivery to the original recipient. This workflow provides notification, but no active remediation.

The workflow uses the following steps:

  1. An email is sent or received by the user.
  2. G Suite delivers the email to the original recipient (Skyhigh CASB can't block emails from being sent or received)
  3. G Suite is configured to send copies of emails to Skyhigh CASB over secure SMTP (this is configured in G Suite admin under Gmail advanced properties)
  4. Skyhigh CASB receives a copy of the email using an SMTP listener (Sky Gateway Email Mode). The listener is set up by Skyhigh CASB.
  5. Skyhigh CASB scans the email using a DLP engine.
  6. As required, Skyhigh CASB sends a notification email to the user regarding policy violation.

Prerequisites for G Suite Email DLP 

Message Processing 

Upon receiving the message from the Gmail, Skyhigh CASB temporarily stores the email in S3, which acts as a queue. Each message is encrypted with a customer-specific encryption key. The instant the message has been processed it is removed permanently from S3. We don't retain customer emails post-processing.

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