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About the Office 365 Dashboard

The Office 365 Dashboard provides a summary of the Microsoft Office 365 data you care about at a glance using cards, which are based on Saved Views.

To access the Office 365 Dashboard, go to Dashboards > Office 365


Default Cards

Skyhigh CASB has created default cards with recommended views to get you started. Then, to customize your Office 365 Dashboard, you can add new cards and reorganize how cards are displayed. You can use the same Saved View for multiple cards. 

Cards are interactive and provide actionable insights every time you log in to Skyhigh CASB. 

The Office 365 Dashboard includes the following cards:

  • All Closed Incidents. Uses the card type Response Action to display all incidents that are quarantined, allowed, and other. 
  • All Unresolved Incidents. Uses the card type Incident Severity to display all high, medium, and low incidents. 
  • Office Config Audit - Unresolved Incidents. Uses the card type Incidents to display the number of SaaS Configuration Audit incidents by severity. For details, see About Security Configuration Audit for SaaS.

To add a new card, click Actions > Add a New Card. 

Scan Progress Bar

The Scan Progress Bar is displayed at the top of the page. Here you can see the status of any scan you might have configured for your service dashboard. 


For details about your scan, click the link under the progress bar to see the Scan Details dialog. 



From the Office 365 Dashboard, you can also create reports from the Actions menu:

  • Business Report (PDF). Create a report and run it immediately, which then appears in the Report Manager
  • Schedule. Schedule a report to run later, which then appears in the Report Manager

Setup Progress

The Office 365 Dashboard also provides access to your Setup progress for your Microsoft O365 integration with Skyhigh CASB. Available features include:

  • API Connection
  • Policies Enabled
  • Near Real Time DLP
  • Email DLP for Exchange 
  • ePO Integration
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