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Skyhigh Security

Set up Reports and Scheduled Reports

You can create reports from the cards on the My Dashboard page. My Dashboard reports are available in PDF format and can be Run Now or scheduled to run at a regular interval. 

Business Report (PDF)

A Business Report (PDF) takes the report name and parameters from the details of the page from which it is run. 

  1. Go to Dashboards > My Dashboard
  2. Select Actions > Business Report (PDF)

The report runs immediately and is emailed to the user. You can also view the report in Report Manager

Schedule a Report

  1. Go to Dashboards > My Dashboard
  2. Select Actions > Schedule
  3. In the Schedule Report dialog, enter the following information:
    • Report Name. Define a report name to identify the report for future access. 
    • Description. (Optional.) Enter a description of the report and its purpose. 
    • File Format. Business Report (PDF) is the default. 
    • Frequency. Select a frequency to run the report:
      • Daily. Select hour, minutes, AM or PM, and UTC or another timezone. 
      • Weekly. Select every number of weeks, on the day of the week, hour, minutes, AM or PM, and UTC or another timezone. 
      • Monthly. Select the first, second, third, fourth, or last day of every number of months, hour, minutes, AM or PM, and UTC or another timezone
    • Recipients. Enter the email addresses of anyone to which you would like to automatically email the report. Separate email addresses with commas.
    • Share report with other users within your Skyhigh CASB account. Select this option to make the report public within your organization. 
  4. Click Schedule

The report is run as scheduled. An email is sent to the recipients with a link to download the report from Report Manager, and the report is attached if the size is less than 25 MB.

You can view and manage existing reports on the Reports > Report Manager page. 

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