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Skyhigh Security

Add a New Card

You can create custom cards and add them to My Dashboard. 

Add a new Dashboard card in two ways:

  1. On your Dashboard, click + Add New Card.
  2. When you create a Saved View, select the Add Dashboard Card checkbox.  

NOTE: To change the date range for a new card, create the card when you create a Saved View

Add a New Card to a Dashboard

To add a new card on a Dashboard:

  1. On your Dashboard, click + Add New Card
  2. Select a Card Type:
    Dashboard card2.png
    • Services
    • Users
    • Incidents
    • Threats
    • Anomaly
    • Activity
    • Connected Apps
    • Resources
  3. Select a Saved View. 
  4. Card Title. The Card Title is entered automatically. If you have previously used the Saved View, a number is added to the card name to determine the instance.
  5. Select the secondary dimensions depending, on your card type:
    • Show
    • by
    • and
  6. Trend or Breakdown. Select a line, vertical bar, donut, or horizontal bar chart. 
  7. Click Save

The new card displays as the last card on your Dashboard.

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