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Skyhigh Security

Saved View for AI Services

Skyhigh CASB provides a recommended saved view for real-time visibility into all the Artificial Intelligence (AI) services used within your organization. Although the Skyhigh Cloud Registry offers a comprehensive list of over 550+ AI services, Skyhigh CASB provides a predefined saved view to track the usage of AI services in your organization.

You can now use the Skyhigh recommended saved view named AI Services Usage on the Services and Users page to view the usage metrics for AI services. You can select this Skyhigh recommended saved view to track and monitor AI services and take necessary remediation actions, such as blocking AI services for security and compliance.

Saved View for AI Services.png

NOTE: Skyhigh CASB also provides three default dashboard cards for AI services, which are based on the AI Services Usage saved view. For details, see Dashboard Cards for AI Services.

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