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Skyhigh Security

About CASB Connect for SAP Concur

IMPORTANT: Support for SAP Concur is in Limited Availability. To enable this feature, contact Skyhigh Security Support

CASB Connect for SAP Concur enables Security Operations Center (SOC) Admins to monitor user activity in the SAP Concur application and enforce Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and CAP policies to review threats detected by Skyhigh CASB User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) and machine learning algorithms.

Skyhigh CASB for SAP Concur provides the following use cases:

  • Enforce DLP policies for attachments to block sensitive data.
  • Activity Monitoring identifies login, file upload, and file download in the SAP Concur application.
  • Contextual access control via CAP support for both managed and unmanaged devices.

SAP Concur provides an integrated online and mobile business travel and expense management software solution that automates your travel expenses.


Make sure you have met the following prerequisites:

  • Activate the Offline DLP and Manageable icons checkbox in the registry for the SAP Concur CSP.
  • Add the following appropriate metadata in the registry for SAP Concur CSP. 
Properties Metadata true






{"cloud.access.policy.document.content.check.enabled" : "true","cloud.access.policy.document.content.types" : "application/ms,application/vn,application/pd,application/zi,text/csv,application/x-7z-compressed,image/jpeg,audio/mpeg,application/x-rar-compressed"}

NOTE: The metadata may vary depending on your original domain or access URL. 

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