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Skyhigh Security

Known Behaviors of Procore

Limited Availability: CASB Connect for Procore is a Limited Availability feature. To enable API access for your Procore instance, contact Skyhigh Support

The following are considered known issues. Skyhigh CASB plans to address these known issues in future releases.

  • Manual remediation of DLP incidents. Skyhigh CASB does not support the Delete response action for the manual remediation of DLP incidents associated with Procore on the Skyhigh Policy Incidents page. This known issue will be fixed in the upcoming releases.
  • DLP limited to files/attachments in the Documents resource in Procore. Skyhigh CASB DLP will be applied only to the files or attachments within the Documents resource at the Company or Project level in Procore. DLP is not supported for any other resources in Procore.
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