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Skyhigh Security

Supported Web Browsers

Skyhigh CASB is a web browser-based product. The user interface is tested with and supports the following web browsers.

  • Google Chrome  
  • Microsoft Edge. (Under Settings > Site permissions, make sure the setting Block third-party cookies is disabled. If you don't want to allow third-party cookies in general, make sure to allow Skyhigh Security to always store cookies.)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. Skyhigh CASB support for IE 11 will end on September 30, 2021. For details, see Internet Explorer 11 End of Life.

Skyhigh CASB does not test the following browsers, but they generally work with caveats as specified below:

  • Firefox. Feature equivalent to Chrome.
  • Safari. To enable file download in Skyhigh CASB's Policy Violations & Quarantine, under Preferences > Security, deselect the checkbox Block pop-up windows

NOTE: When you open a ticket with Skyhigh CASB Support, please verify that the issue is observed in a web browser supported by Skyhigh CASB. 

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