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Skyhigh Security

Add a Notification for Usage Analytics

Notifications for Usage Analytics trigger an email notification for any changes that occur in the Usage Analytics Saved Views. 

Admins can add new Notifications to the Settings > Global Notifications page using Saved Views. These Notifications become available for all users of a tenant.  

Users can add their own custom notifications on the User Menu > Notifications Settings page. These Notifications appear under the heading My Notifications and are available only to the user. 

To add a Notification:

  1. Under Usage Analytics, click Add new notification
  2. Select a Saved View
  3. Select whether your Notification applies to Services or Users
  4. Select your Threshold Configuration, and a number:
    • > Greater than
    • >= Greater than or equal
    • < Lesser than
    • <= Lesser than or equal
    • = Equal
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Save

Your Notification is created and automatically enabled. 

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