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Skyhigh Security

Configure Skyhigh CASB for Titus

Use the following procedure to configure your Titus classification instance, as well as apply and detect classifications. 


  • Titus License: XML File
  • Titus Schema: JSON File

Configure Titus Classification Instance

  1. In Skyhigh CASB go to Settings > Integrations > Data Classification.
  2. Click Add Classification Instance and select Titus.
  3. Enter an instance name for Titus and click Save.
  4. Select the Titus classification instance you created.
  5. Upload License XML and Schema JSON Files.
  6. Click Select Service Instances and select the service instances that should be enabled for Titus classification. Click Done

Apply Titus Classifications

To apply Titus classifications to sensitive documents, use the Apply Classification > Titus response action.

You can specify one Titus field and value as part of the response action. Applying multiple Titus fields as part of the same response action is not yet supported.


Detect Titus Classifications

To detect Titus classification on documents, select the DLP Rule Classification > Titus and select a Titus field/classification.

You can use this in combination with the Collaboration policy rule to monitor collaboration activity on documents with Titus classifications.


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