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Integrate Skyhigh CASB with Slack Non-Enterprise (Limited Availability)

Limited Availability: Slack Non-Enterprise API Integration via Custom OAuth app is a Limited Availability feature. To enable API access for your Slack Non-Enterprise (Pro or Business+) instance via a Custom OAuth app, contact Skyhigh Support


As a security admin, before you enable API access for your Slack Non-Enterprise (Pro or Business+) instance, make sure the following prerequisites are in order. 

Slack Non-Enterprise- Pro or Business+

  • Slack Admin account credentials. These credentials are used to enable API integration in Skyhigh CASB.
  • Slack URL. The Slack workspace URL from your Slack account. For example, https://<workspace>
  • Client ID and Client Secret. The Client ID and Client Secret from your Custom OAuth app in Slack.
  • Skyhigh CASB Manifest File. The manifest file with a pre-defined configuration to create a Custom OAuth app in Slack. To download the Skyhigh CASB manifest file, you must be logged in and authenticated in Skyhigh Security Help (MindTouch).

Integrate Skyhigh CASB with Slack

NOTE: To enable API access for existing Slack Non-Enterprise instances via a Custom OAuth app, you must first disable API access for your Slack Non-Enterprise instance in Skyhigh CASB, and follow the steps from Step 2 to re-enable API access for your Slack Non-Enterprise instance.

IMPORTANT: After integrating Skyhigh CASB with Slack successfully, you can define DLP policies and attach them to your Slack Non-Enterprise instance in Skyhigh CASB. For details on supported DLP Policy Rules & Response Actions, see Supported DLP Policy Rules and Response Actions.


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