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Skyhigh Security

DLP for Google Team Drives

Skyhigh CASB allows you to extend DLP control to content shared or uploaded in Google Team Drives. Google Drive DLP policies are automatically expanded to include Google Team Drives.

Generally, content in Google Team Drives is monitored by relevant DLP policies, including content-aware policies. As internal team members share or upload content, Skyhigh CASB scans the files and compares them to DLP policies. 

Make sure that you have configured DLP policies to track Google Drive, as follows:


  • If a folder is shared externally, and the external user uploads new content, DLP rules do not apply to these uploads due to a Google API limitation.
  • If an existing folder is shared, and then the content is uploaded to that folder that violates a content-aware collaboration DLP rule, the collaborators that violate the DLP policy are removed from that folder, except if the collaboration has occurred at the root of the Team Drive (not the folder). In this event, the collaborators are not removed.
  • On-Demand Scanning is not supported for Google Team Drives.


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