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Skyhigh Security

Resources for Security Configuration Audit for SaaS

The Resources page allows you to view all of your SaaS resources in SharePoint Online enabled with Skyhigh CASB. This also allows you to assess compliance, risk, and see the incidents associated with every resource. 

Find the page at Analytics > Resources. 

To view Resources for SaaS Security Configuration Audit, filter for the Resource Type you want to see. 

For complete details on the features of the Resources page, see About Resources


The Resources page provides the following information and actions for SaaS:

  • Filters. Select options on the Filters tab to scope down your search. 
  • Views. Select Saved Views created by you or shared with you by another user to reuse specified search parameters from a previous search on current data. 
  • Search. Search via the Omnibar.
  • Save View. Click to create a Saved View from your search query. 
  • Actions. Click Actions to:
  • Compliant. Displays whether the resource is compliant as Yes, No, or Not Applicable. A resource is compliant only if it has no incidents associated with it. 
  • Name. Name of the resource. 
  • Resource Type. Displays the type of resource: such as SharePoint Global, SharePoint Site, SharePoint Security User Group, or Device. 
  • Region. The geolocation of the resource. 
  • Account Name. The name of the account that the resource belongs to. 

Resource Cloud Card 

Click a resource in the table to display the Cloud Card, which lists policies that have made that resource noncompliant. 


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