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Use Case - Remote Desktop Access Apps

In the Cloud Registry, we found an issue that not all Remote Desktop Access CSPs align with the Registry categories and sub-categories consistently, so you could not generate a list of all the apps your employees might use while working from home. To fix this issue, we generated a complete custom list of Remote Desktop Access CSPs.

This topic provides information on how to use the list to create a Service Group in order to create and enforce policies for blocking any high-risk services, and then manage access to those services for specific users, as necessary. 

Create a Service Group

  1. Download the attached spreadsheet, CSPs with Remote Desktop Access
  2. Create a Service Group called Remote Desktop Access CSPs
  3. Use the list of CSPs to Manually Add Services to a Service Group by Category and Sub-Category. 

Block High-Risk CSPs

Next, you can block any high-risk Remote Desktop Access CSPs that employees might use when working from home. 

Regulate Access to CSPs

Finally, regulate access to certain employees based on their location, job function, or other specifics, to make sure that only the required set of people have access to those services.


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