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Skyhigh Security

How Enterprises Use the Cloud Registry

Skyhigh Security customers use the Skyhigh Cloud Registry in multiple ways to secure and govern their cloud usage, while also increasing the efficiency of their onboarding processes.

Gain Visibility into Cloud Usage

According to recent research, the average organization uses over 1,154 cloud services and only 8.1% meet enterprise security and privacy requirements as defined by the Skyhigh Security’s CloudTrust Program. To gain visibility into their cloud usage, enterprises use Skyhigh CASB to assess their web traffic logs and match information with the cloud registry

Govern Cloud Usage

Companies can enforce governance policies on their cloud usage using the risk information in the Cloud Registry. The CloudTrust rating, a risk score between 1 and 9 assigned to every cloud service, allows companies to categorize cloud services based on risk and apply policies accordingly. For example, they can choose to block all services with a risk score above 7 and only sanction cloud services that have a risk score of 3 or lower.

Onboard New Cloud Services 

Enterprise IT teams face an overwhelming number of requests from employees to sanction new cloud services. Assessing the security controls of a new cloud service before sanctioning it for enterprise use is an expensive process. Security teams take an average of 18 days to assess a service. The Skyhigh Cloud Registry, containing 66 attributes for each cloud service, provides detailed information to IT teams and substantially reduces the time spent assessing and onboarding new cloud services.

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