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Skyhigh Security

Dashboard Card for Sanctioned Services

Skyhigh CASB provides a default dashboard card that provides real-time visibility into the volume of data associated with unsecured sanctioned cloud services used within your organization. This dashboard card displays the number of users for each top unsecured sanctioned cloud service, allowing you to track and monitor them. With this information, you can take remediation actions such as allowing or denying these services.

Dashboard cards for unsecured sanctioned services are based on the Skyhigh recommended Skyhigh Sanctioned CSPs saved view (found under Analytics > Services and Analytics > Users pages). Skyhigh Sanctioned CSPs saved view provides usage metrics for newly added sanctioned services that are supported by Skyhigh CASB via API integration. For details, see About Saved Views.






NOTE: You can customize the default dashboard card or create a custom dashboard card based on the Skyhigh recommended saved view for Skyhigh Sanctioned CSPs. For details, see Edit or Remove a Card and Add a New Card.

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