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Skyhigh Security

Cloud Security Advisor Score History

The Cloud Security Advisor Score History tab allows you to see the details of the changes in your Visibility and Control scores over the quarter (three months). This allows you to see and understand why your score has increased or decreased, especially if there are sudden or large variations. It also allows you to determine if your scores have changed through your own actions, such as enabling features through the Cloud Security Advisor Checklist, or if they occurred through Skyhigh Security's changes by a new security metric. 

Score History information is also available in the Cloud Security Report


Your Visibility and Control scores are charted on the trend graph as a line. Hover over the line to see specific points on the graphs where your scores have changed. 

To see more information, click View Score Details


The Score Details pane provides the following information:

  • Minimum Score Change. Enter a value to filter the Visibility and Control score history details. Only score changes exactly or greater than the set value are displayed. The default value is 2. For more score history details, use a smaller number. For fewer details, enter a larger number. Click Apply
  • Visibility Score. Displays the specific event that caused your Visibility Score to either increase or decrease.  
  • Control Score. Displays the specific event that caused your Control Score to either increase or decrease.  
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