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Skyhigh Security

Create an Application

Create an Application to group Resources in order to track them by service, account, or tags. 

IMPORTANT: Your application can include a maximum of 2,000 Resources. While creating your Application, use more filters and attributes to reduce the number of Resources included.

To create a Resource Application:

  1. Go to Analytics > Resources > Applications
  2. Click Actions > Create Application
  3. Name. Enter a unique name for your Application and an optional description. 
  4. Click Add Rule to add the scope for your Application, including accounts, tags, and region. 
  5. If Service is. Select the Service your Application applies to. (You can create an Application to track resources across a single CSP.)
  6. create_resource_application_1.png
  7. Click AND. Select the Account your Application applies to. Select from the list and click Done
  8. Click AND. You can select the Tags or Regions your Application belongs to. This example uses tags. Enter the key and value, which are free-form text fields. (You can create multiple tag key-value rules using AND and OR, depending on your requirements.)
  9. Click Test Rule. The discovered Resources that apply to your Application rule set are displayed. 
  10. Click Save

Your new application is displayed on the Applications page. You can edit or delete it from there. 


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