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Skyhigh Security

Known Behaviors of Mural

Limited Availability: CASB Connect for Mural is a Limited Availability feature. To enable API access for your Mural instance, contact Skyhigh Support

The following are considered known issues. Skyhigh CASB plans to address these known issues in future releases.

  • Delayed Visibility of User Activities in Skyhigh Activity Monitoring Page. Skyhigh CASB does not display user activities for Mural in real-time on the Skyhigh Activity Monitoring page; instead, it typically displays them within 24 to 48 hours. This delay means that recent activities are not displayed immediately on the Skyhigh Activity Monitoring page.
  • Rate limits for Mural Audit Log API. Skyhigh CASB uses the Mural Audit Log API to monitor user activities in Mural. The Mural Audit Log API enforces a rate limit of 1,500 API calls per customer each day, roughly averaging to one API call per minute. This limitation is in place to ensure a high-quality experience for all Mural users and to prevent potential misuse or security vulnerabilities. 

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