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About CASB Connect for Miro

Limited Availability: CASB Connect for Miro is a Limited Availability feature. To enable API access for your Miro instance, contact Skyhigh Support

Miro is a digital application that enables teams to collaborate visually in real time on virtual whiteboards. CASB Connect for Miro allows Security Operations Center (SOC) admins to monitor user activities across various resources such as boards, projects, organizations, sessions, and more in Miro. User activity monitoring facilitates the debugging of important events like editing the global security settings, inviting new users, editing/creating/deleting the boards, etc., and take remediation action to mitigate the risk.

You can integrate Skyhigh CASB with Miro to monitor risky user activities in Miro.

For details on how to integrate Skyhigh CASB with Miro, see Integrate Skyhigh CASB with Miro.

Activity Monitoring

SOC admins can monitor Miro's user activity in the Skyhigh CASB Activity Monitoring page.

Supported User Activities in Miro

Skyhigh CASB supports activity monitoring for the following categories in Miro:

  • Administration
  • User Management
  • Boards
  • Templates
  • Projects
  • Logins
  • Profile Details

For more information on the associated user activity for each category, see Events in Audit Logs.

Miro with Skyhigh CASB

After integrating Miro with Skyhigh CASB, you can monitor the Miro activity event count on the Service Management page and Miro user activities on the Activities page:

  1. Miro monitored activity events count on the Service Management page (Settings > Service Management).
  2. Miro user activities on the Activities page (Incidents > User Activity > Activities).
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