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Using a GTI Private Cloud Service for URL Filtering

When filtering URLs, you can configure Web Gateway to gather web reputation and category information through Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) lookups that are performed using your own cloud service.

This cloud service is also referred to as GTI Private Cloud service. It runs on-premise within your local network, where you configure and maintain it on your own, using a local database.

To perform web reputation and category lookups for URL filtering, the cloud service connects to a GTI server over a connection that is secured under HTTPS. Web Gateway is not involved when these lookups are performed.

When connecting to the GTI server, the cloud service uses server and client certificates that you create on your own. Server and client certificates of your own are also used when connecting to. Web Gateway. These certificates can be imported on the Web Gateway interface.

When connecting to the cloud service, Web Gateway uses the IP address of the server where the cloud service resides. The IP address of the default server that has been configured for performing GTI lookups is then overwritten.

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