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Troubleshooting Activating a Coaching Session

When a user clicks the button for continuing with a coaching session on Web Gateway and the request is allowed, the session should continue immediately.

To address an issue that required a second to continue with the session, you can add a coaching quota setting and set an environment variable to activate it.

This setting is part of a coaching rule, specifying the time that a coaching setting is to last. It must be added to the property that is included in the template for continuing with a session when the user clicks the appropriate button.

  1. On the  Web Gateway user interface, identify the quota setting that is to be added.
    1. Select Policy | Rule Sets.
    2. Navigate to the rule that terminates a coaching session when the configured time has been exceeded. 
      The name of this rule is Check if coaching session has been exceeded. It is contained in rule sets for coaching, for example, in Coaching with URL configuration
      To view this rule set and the rule, you must enable the complete rules view by selecting a coaching rule set on the rule set tree and clicking Unlock View.
    3. If details are not visible, click Show Details.
    4. Note the name of the setting for the Quota.Coaching,SessionExceeded property, for example, URL.Category.Configuration.
  2. Add the coaching quota setting to the property used in the coaching template to continue with a session.
    1. Select Policy | Templates.
    2. Under Templates, navigate to the template for the page that is displayed to the user when the time configured for a coaching session has been exceeded, for example, to Default Schema | Coaching Session Exceeded.
    3. Expand the template entry, then expand en, and click html.
    4. In the HTML Editor area on the right, locate and click the Quota.Coaching.JS.Session property.
    5. In the window that opens, select the setting you identified in step 1 from the list under Settings, for example, URL.Category.Configuration. Then click OK
      The setting is added to the property.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. Connect to the Web Gateway appliance where you added the coaching quota setting from a local system console or remotely.
  5. Set an environment variable to activate the setting you added.
    1. Go to the /etc/sysconf/mwg system file and open it for editing.
    2. Append this line:
    3. Run this command to export the variable:
  6. Restart the appliance to let the setting of the environment variable take effect.
    Due to the coaching quota setting you added to the template for an exceeded coaching session, users can continue with the session at once when the configured session time is exceeded after clicking the appropriate button in the template.
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